For a healthy gut this monsoon, look beyond nutrition supplements

For a healthy gut this monsoon, look beyond nutrition supplements

Humans are constantly a part of a changing environment. One needs to be more cautious while selecting their diet as well as protein supplements due to the changes in the weather and seasons. Although the monsoon season is enjoyable, it also raises the risk of various illnesses, infections, and allergies. During the monsoon, digestive problems are more prevalent. It is because the gastrointestinal system becomes more sensitive and vulnerable. Being healthy is crucial at all times. A robust, healthy gut is the foundation of good health, which is maintained by having a good immune system and a balance of healthy microorganisms in the body. 


Then what triggers digestive problems during the monsoon? The increase in gastrointestinal symptoms during monsoons may be due to a number of factors, including eating street food and drinking contaminated water, which can cause food poisoning; ignoring natural immunity boosters; the humid weather can slow down digestion; a poor gut health diet; and erratic sleeping patterns.


Our diet, nutrition supplements, weather, workout routine, and a multitude of other factors change on a regular basis. Even a healthy person's gut microbiome can be impacted by environmental factors. This is especially true during the monsoon when the weather's humidity dramatically raises the number of disease-causing bacteria. There is no denying that the arrival of the monsoons brings with it a plethora of illnesses and infections that can pose major health risks.  


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Here are some digestive ailments to watch out for this season


Your digestive tract is a favorite target for certain viruses like Rotavirus, norovirus, adenovirus, and astrovirus, as well as pathogenic bacteria like E Coli. They can easily get into your body through unhygienic food, which can cause diarrhea.


Gastroenteritis: A common health problem during the rainy season and afterward. It is also known as stomach flu. This disease occurs when the gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach and intestines, becomes inflamed.


Jaundice: In the rainy season, liver infections are very common, and Jaundice is one of them. The disease is caused by the Hepatitis virus, which in turn causes an inflamed liver or an obstruction in the bile ducts.


Typhoid: Salmonella causes typhoid, a waterborne bacterial infection. People can contract this infection through contaminated food or water, and it can persist even after treatment.


It is, therefore, crucial to pay attention to gut health. Take these steps to get started.


digestive ailments to watch out for this season  

Take Lots of Probiotics


A variety of health benefits have been associated with probiotics, including improved digestion and better immunity. By including foods rich in probiotics in your diet, you can improve the microbial diversity of the gut, boost your immune system, and enhance the absorption of nutrients. You can make your meal plan probiotic-rich by choosing foods like yogurt, pickled vegetables, buttermilk, fermented foods, and cottage cheese. To make things easier for you, try Terra Origin Green Superfoods. It is enriched with probiotics that boost digestion and improve gut health effectively.


Make Vitamin C a Priority


Building a strong immune system that supports the fight against infection-causing bacteria that are most prevalent during the rainy season is the greatest method to stay in excellent health. Increasing your intake of vitamin C helps to boost your immune system, and reduce inflammation. Vitamin C levels can be increased by consuming natural immunity boosters like citrus fruits, amla, guava, berries, broccoli, potatoes, bell peppers, and green leafy vegetables. Feeling overwhelmed? Absolutely. A better alternative is Terra Origin Green Superfoods, which contains 35+ organic ingredients. Using a natural blend of vegetables, fruits, and probiotics, the formulation strengthens and boosts your immune system. 


Ensure your Water is Pure


A small amount of contaminated water can cause serious health problems such as jaundice and typhoid. It is therefore important to boil water thoroughly before drinking it or having it purified. When traveling, always carry your own water bottle or buy mineral water bottles from reputed companies rather than consuming water from unreliable sources like tap water or local bottled water brands. Most importantly, when taking the best protein powder with water, the purity of the water will be crucial. 

 Avoid Street Foods


Avoid Street Foods, Please


During this time of year, street foods are what you crave, not pre workout supplements. But these foods serve as the ideal habitat for a variety of diseases and dangerous microorganisms. Eating your favorite street foods increases your risk of developing an illness because they are exposed to the air for a longer period of time. Because of this, this time of year is particularly susceptible to gastrointestinal diseases and food-borne illnesses due to lax hygiene standards.


Eat light


Consuming fresh, light, and easy-to-digest meals is better than eating heavy, greasy, or spicy food. Eating light meals lowers the chance of experiencing bloating, indigestion, and acidity. Avoid eating raw veggies, especially green ones, and inspect all produce for insects, muck, rot, etc. before eating them. All fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly cleaned and washed. Alternatively, you can take Terra Origin Plant Protein, our vegan protein powder. It is one of the cleanest sources of energy that is simple to digest and doesn't cause bloating. Besides that, it will keep you satiated, so you will not overeat following your next meal.


Exercise regularly


Taking protein shakes for weight loss isn't enough if you don't exercise regularly. Regular exercise is a surefire strategy to increase immunity in addition to aiding in weight management. Exercise boosts heart health, blood flow to the organs, and mental well-being, all of which strengthen the immune system's ability to combat bacteria and viruses. Therefore, exercise! If heavy rains prevent you from going to the gym, opt for indoor exercises instead.


We, at Terra Origin, hope the above-mentioned tips have given you valuable information regarding how to keep fit, maximize immunity, and maintain a healthy gut during monsoon season. Make sure you consider your gut's health the next time you're wanting to #LevelUpNoMatterWhat. Your colon and intestines will also thank you.