Conversation with yourself ft. Terra Origin

Conversation with yourself ft. Terra Origin

Landing your dream job, getting engaged, India winning the world cup… all reasons to celebrate! Some may seem more significant than others, but watching Dhoni hit a 6 to finish the game, the subsequent partying, and chanting “India, India!” would leave with memories that last a lifetime. I wonder how many times I’ve chanted my own name when I was victorious? Don’t I also deserve to be celebrated? 


The fact that I have accomplished something is what makes an achievement so meaningful. So the next time I’m celebrating a milestone, I should double my celebrations because I won’t just be celebrating the accomplishment- I’ll be celebrating myself!


My body and I are one unit, but do I celebrate what my body does for me? It fights off diseases, repairs itself, and circulates nutrients appropriately throughout my body, and if I could actually remember everything I’ve learned about the human body I’d be absolutely mind blown. It’s not that much to ask to be grateful to your body, right? How could I ever thank my body enough? Maybe I should make a list…




  • A balanced diet: Eating a good share of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins is a must. Most fruits and vegetables are natural immunity boosters, so I’ll be giving my body the nutrition it needs and strengthening my defense system. I doubt I’ll be able to eat a big enough range of foods to give my body all the nutrients it needs, but I can use nutritional supplements to bridge the gap. 


  • Rest: My body needs time to repair itself and relax. Good sleep is vital to my health and overall wellbeing.


  • Exercise: Regular physical exercise is an absolute must for everyone, not just me. It’s the easiest to ignore, but mostly because people don’t appreciate the extent of the benefits it brings.




Exercise strengthens my bones, improves my sleep quality, improves immunity, improves mental health, and a laundry list of other benefits. I often ask myself, why does a human being need to exercise? I then think about my ancestors and how they needed to hunt and gather to obtain food, burning calories in their process of finding calories to consume. Fast forward to today, we humans just need to tap our fingers and our meals come to us, and any nutrients we couldn’t forage from our food we can get from nutritional supplements. The protein our ancestors got by hunting a small animal, we can get from one scoop of whey protein. Since we don’t have the need to exercise to get food, it’s just about reaping the benefits, but those don’t come easy! So, am I unmotivated or just impatient?





We’re so used to accessing everything at our fingertips that perhaps the slow burn for results from physical exercise isn’t that appealing. If we can get pizza so quickly, why can’t we do the same with big gains and six-pack abs? Even if I’m taking the best protein powder, I’m not going to see results without doing some form of physical activity. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best protein powder for weight loss or the best protein powder for muscle gain, it can’t compensate for what breaking a sweat can do. While seeing results requires patience, exercise has an immediate and positive impact on my brain. Not only does it improve thinking and cognition, but it’s been clinically proven that brain chemistry takes a turn for the better after a good sweat session. 



The uniqueness of individuals assure that there’s no one-stop shop for us to find our way of physical exercise or a balanced diet. Everybody’s diet is different, some need protein supplements, some consume enough protein naturally; some need nutrition supplements, and some consume an assortment of fruits and vegetables every day. I need to figure out what foods match my lifestyle and how I can complete my body’s nutritional requirements. Everyone needs a type of exercise that they enjoy and can look forward to. The best pre workout supplement is a strong sense of motivation and determination. There are a lot of physical activities I can do, and the first ones that come to mind are:




  • Running: Requires no membership or equipment, just a pair of sports shoes! I could set goals like covering longer distances or increasing my speed. These are easy to track, so I can celebrate every milestone I hit!


  • Yoga: Participating in ancient art is always a good idea, and being in an online or in-person class is also socially beneficial. I’ll want to keep learning new poses to keep it fun for myself, but I will definitely celebrate and pat myself on the back when I have mastered a yoga pose!


  • Weight lifting: The easiest way to measure progress is by how much weight I lift, and I’ll always have help and inspiration from the people around me. I’ll make sure I keep my goals in mind and celebrate every time I have a new personal best at the gym!


Once I get into the rhythm, I’ll probably find myself feeling great after every bout of exercise. I shouldn’t be quick to attribute that feeling to my whey protein, it’s my body thanking me! I’ll also find myself developing a healthier relationship with my body and my mind, just because I decided to take the effort to find an enjoyable way to keep my body moving. Slowly and surely, all that muscle building protein I’ve been having will begin to show. It’s human nature to desire to be better at something, but that instinct will only kick in when I do something I actually want to.





There will be days where I feel like I haven’t progressed, but that’s all part of the process. On those days, I’ll have my favorite plant protein or whey protein recipe and put my feet up. Being rigid about my fitness goals isn’t going to help me in the long run! On some days I’ll find trouble motivating myself and some days I’ll find my body just unable to do exactly what I want, but that’s just human nature. Cutting myself some slack today could provide me with the push I’ve been needing tomorrow to finally nail that Bhairavasana, that 5km jog, that 100kg deadlift, or whatever next step I’ve been dying to achieve. And if I want to keep going and aiming even higher, protein supplements are the way to get to that next milestone faster.



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