Natural Nutrition Supplements For A Lifestyle Aligned With Nature

Natural Nutrition Supplements For A Lifestyle Aligned With Nature

Oftentimes, we hear our parents and grandparents speak about how things were “different” during their glory days. In most cases, the conversation would revolve around the incomparable quality of the produce used to cook the food they ate, the purity of the air they breathed, the near non-existent traffic on the roads and the lesser number of distractions (owed mainly to dated technology).


We’ve heard this time and again as we were growing up, and in most cases, did not pay heed to this subject in particular. Although, upon maturing, we fully realise the depth of their argument. 


The true essence of what they were trying to say was that the overall quality of life back in the day was much superior, in certain aspects, to what it is today. 


Fast forward to 2022 - the AQI of the air we breathe is way over the 100 mark (satisfactory score), streets are almost always chock-a-block with traffic, the average attention span of individuals is dwindling owing to Social Media and the quality of the produce that goes into the food we eat is questionable at best.


Where did it all go wrong?


The world has advanced since our grandparents’ golden days. With an increase in the global population comes an increase in demand. The increased demand gives birth to increased opportunity. The increased opportunity leads to an increase in production. And, as we know all too well, increased opportunity and production inevitably cause a drop in quality.


Enter chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, GMOs and much, much more



Enter chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, GMOs and much, much more. And all of this to a majority of consumers who choose to live in the dark. 


Although, the introduction of food fortification brought with it some amount of respite. It was well-received throughout the country and was backed by official governing bodies so that its effect would be amplified further. 


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) identified and suggested supply and demand to be the key challenges in scaling up food fortification rates in the country. In October ‘19, they confirmed that the fortification movement had gathered momentum, especially in the case of vegetable oil and milk. 


The news even made headlines:


“47% of the vegetable oil produced by top players in the refined packaged oil industry and 36.6% of the milk in the organised sector are being fortified.”


While food fortification is the need of the hour, there is still an (active) audience that would argue about eating organic. And rightly so - it doesn’t get better than eating produce in the natural form in which it is grown.


Mother Nature provides us with everything that we need



The ancient science of Ayurveda conforms - Mother Nature provides us with everything that we need. 


Drawing inspiration from the ancient roots of Ayurveda, we at Terra Origin craft products using only the finest ingredients from Mother Nature in their most natural form. It is part of our rigorous regimen to include nothing but the best and the purest of nature’s gifts into our scientifically supported line of nutritional powders and protein supplements. 


As for protein powder, we manufacture two types - Whey protein and plant protein. 


Our 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein is derived from cows that only eat natural grass in the rotational grazing method, which is sustainable for the environment. This ensures a Whey protein powder unique to itself as it doesn’t include any hormones, empty fillers or preservatives - just the purest and best Whey protein that is brought to you in its most biologically available form. Each scoop contains 25g of protein that supports muscle definition, lean muscle mass and also enable you with faster muscle recovery. 


Our plant based protein is derived from 5 different organic plant sources


Our plant based protein is derived from 5 different organic plant sources, namely rice, peas, pumpkin, flax and chia. Carefully formulated at our FDA registered GMP plant based in the USA, it proves to be the best protein powder if you’re looking to add more nutrition to your routine. With no bloating, side effects, empty fillers or confusing preservatives, feel the raw energy of nature in every scoop as it delivers 18g of pure protein that is easily digested and absorbed. 


To conclude, the benefits of eating natural and organically grown produce have been well-documented over the years. Choosing artificially pumped foods that include unfavorable chemicals will do more harm than help. 


What’s important is to have an understanding of what chemicals are good/bad and in what proportions do they necessarily become harmful.