Shift to a healthier lifestyle supported by natural nutrition supplements

Shift to a healthier lifestyle supported by natural nutrition supplements

Today, we have everything that we once desired. We fly to places, connect with our loved ones continents apart through a screen, don’t have to go hunting for food, and have the luxury of stable, concrete walls around us. What could we possibly complain about? 


The truth of our situation is such that despite acquiring all the comforts of the world, we have been robbed of our mental health, connection with nature and time for ourselves. We are always chasing the clock and rushing through the race that life has become, compromising on our health in the bargain. 


Health is our greatest treasure, hence the famous proverb “health is wealth”. A healthy body equals endless possibilities. We at Terra Origin believe existing in the world that we have created and preserving health are not mutually exclusive. Mindful planning, striking a work-life balance and reconnecting with nature can help retrieve the best of both worlds.


Nothing heals like nature, and while we enable it for you, here’s how you can do your bit to step closer to a healthier lifestyle.


Prioritize setting some time aside for yourself

Investing time into any aspect of our life can foster exceptional results in the area. With lives getting busy and the corporate world a race, sometimes we tend to cut down on the time we invest in health. Yes, you hit the gym regularly, an hour a day, but what about sleep? Are you getting enough? Are you making sure you get healthy and fresh meals, or are you forced to resort to packaged alternatives or ordering in? Health is a combination of nutrition, exercise and rest; you can’t focus on one and get the complete package. 


We hustle every day to put food on our plates. The hustle is pointless if we aren’t getting the right nutrition. Invest time in stocking up on healthy, fresh foods, weekly if not daily. And in the course of your day, while you are busy striking things off of your task list, load up on micronutrients by sparing a few minutes to stir up a scoop of Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods. Its 35+ organic greens sync you up with nature and internally maintain your body.


Make every second of the precious time you set aside for your workouts count. Consuming enough proteins can help. They are essential for recovering worn-out muscles and even help build them up. If your regular diet is insufficient, supplement it with protein powders. Among the multiple options lined on shelves, try natural ones like plant protein or grass-fed whey protein. Some terrific picks are Terra Origin plant protein and whey protein, supplying 18g and 25g of protein, respectively. Keep soreness away and function at optimum efficiency at all times. 


Lastly, never compromise on sleep! Because only a well-rested body can perform to its full potential. Reserve these 7-8 hours of your day. Follow a sustainable fitness regime, and while at it, be in total sync with your body to reap maximum benefits. 


Stressing on the “Holistic” of health

So what is holistic health exactly? We have already pondered upon nutrition, exercise, and rest; does it not end there? But what more could there be? 


Regular exercise, clean eating and adequate sleep sound holistic, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. A complete exercise plan means making sure you are working on strength, flexibility, endurance and stability. Strength training, abs and popping biceps are not enough. No matter how clean, organic or natural your food is, until and unless you meet your macro and micro requirements, it is not holistic. If getting them from your regular diet becomes challenging, simply add some nutrition supplements.


The quality and diversity of your workouts, food and sleep add or eliminate the word holistic. We have focused enough on physical health, but let us not forget that our mental health is a significant part of our overall health. A fit body with an unfit mind cannot be healthy. You must take some time out for yourself while surfing through the everyday chaos. Do things you love, spend some time in silence, focus on breathing.


There is growth and health in nature


As we have evolved from apes to civilised humans, we have just distanced ourselves from our roots - the nurturing hand of mother nature. While evolution has made us technologically sound, it has happened at the cost of health and the environment itself. 


We can’t wait for the situation to reverse, but we can definitely try and enjoy being in the presence of nature. Taking a stroll among the greens, consciously consuming more natural foods and habitually reading labels are effective practices. Not everything packed in a box, tub or packet placed on a supermarket’s shelf is necessarily unhealthy for you. Reading labels and weighing your options will help you pick right.


Terra Origin protein supplements and superfoods make the perfect examples. They come with no preservatives or fillers and are formulated with the most premium, high-quality ingredients. A scoopful of our post and pre-workout supplements and natural immunity boosters reconnect you with nature and help you achieve holistic wellness.



A lifestyle shift is for ones with a strong mind. The path is strenuous, you might want to give up, there will be setbacks, but we are a community that stays put, bounces back stronger and realises that it only gets easier with every passing day. Terra Origin is with you every step of the way, bringing you closer to nature, helping you achieve holistic well-being and supporting you to make the shift for good.