The Terra Origin Monsoon Fitness Guide

The Terra Origin Monsoon Fitness Guide

Did you know there’s no cure for the common cold? Believe it or not, medical technology may be on the brink of 3D printing organs but we never found a cure for the common cold. However, why should scientists be looking for an answer that can be found within themselves? That’s right! When you get a common cold, it’s not any of the medicines that are fighting the virus, it’s your immune system. Prevention is better than cure, so why not focus on strengthening your immune system with natural immunity boosters and stay healthy?


Being healthy doesn’t just consist of consuming a balanced diet, but also physical exercise! The benefits of physical exercise are undeniable, and it doesn’t just strengthen your body, it also stimulates your body to produce chemicals that improve your mood and help you relax. It has also proven to improve the circulation of immune cells which causes them to roam the body at a higher rate and in higher numbers.


While we admire the rain, the clouds cast a dark shadow overhead to send us a warning signal. Scurrying back home to avoid the rain is perfectly wise, but how can you stay fit from the safety of your home? We’ve got you covered with some fitness and diet tips for the monsoon season:

  1. Do it at your own pace

    At Terra Origin, we believe in holistic health, defined as paying attention to your health by breaking it down into physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual aspects. You don’t need to try and cram in as many nutritional supplements or workouts as you can into your day. Your real priority should be checking in with yourself and making sure you feel good. If you find yourself feeling fatigued, rest it out and understand your body’s needs by charting out a good diet and exercise plan. 

  2. Pick your own physical activity!

    Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be doing intensive exercise regularly. We’ve all had those days where we think one whey protein shake will give us the strength to hit the gym for a cardio session, only to swiftly drift into a sleep with the rain pouring in the background. For those days, perhaps you should try skipping or if you love the rain, play some music and do a rain dance! Getting your body moving is the most important thing, the intensity should be decided by you. And once you’ve decided on the intensity, you need to consume enough muscle building protein to recover adequately.

  3. A few diet tips

    Whey protein, and even plant protein, are both excellent sources of protein to complete your recommended daily protein intake. In the rainy season, it’s suggested to avoid eating seafood as the chances of water contamination are much higher, so you are compelled to steer clear of one of nature’s prime sources of Omega-3. Our Grass Fed Whey Protein and Organic Plant Protein are both excellent sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6, presenting you with a safer alternative to obtain your essential micronutrients. Other essential micronutrients that you would normally obtain from leafy greens also present a dilemma, as leafy greens are another food prone to bacteria that could cause you harm. Terra Origin Green Superfoods contains 35+ natural ingredients that allow you to obtain all your essential micronutrients safely that not only promote your overall health but are also natural immunity boosters.A few diet tips

  4. Head out, despite the rain

    While on most rainy days you might feel lethargic or just want to curl up into a ball, there are some days you’re going to feel adventurous and want to venture out into the rain. This isn’t an invitation to illness, but an embrace of mother nature’s bounty. Running in the rain is beneficial because the cool air keeps your body temperature down, which helps relieve stress and also helps you burn calories as your body tries harder to stay warm. Once you return home, we do recommend a scoop of Terra Origin Grass Fed Whey Protein or Organic Plant Protein, which will provide you with the right nutrients to get a good night’s sleep dreaming about a monsoon marathon.

  5. Enjoy the rain indoors  

    If someone asked you to envision a really healthy person, chances are you’re thinking of someone in a gym with bulky biceps and defined quads sipping on protein powder. While the gym is synonymous with good health, it is not the only word that is. Traveling to the gym with the objective to work out and being motivated by all the people around you are definitely some of the largest motivators for exercise, but the rain may hinder this. For days you’d rather get your sweat on at home, here’s a list of exercises you can do with little to no equipment:

    • Yoga: This ancient practice has been keeping the human body healthy for over 5,000 years. Even yoga comes in several shapes and forms, so you can pick what’s best for you! Even if you don’t have a yoga mat you could just use a carpet and watch some videos on your phone to start with. Joining an online yoga class would be the next step because adding interaction into your workout routine would make it easier and more appealing.
    • Dancing: Some of us can’t just shake loose and dance, but you’ve got to give it a try. Not only has listening to music shown tremendous health benefits but moving your body along is the cherry on top. This exercise pretty much only requires some space and your phone, so you don’t have any excuses to make. 
    • Walk: Just walk around the house, as simple as that. If you don’t have much space, try walking or jogging in place. On days when you’re not feeling up to it, simple low-intensity workouts can still be quite beneficial to your health. 


    Don’t forget to drink enough Whey Protein or Plant Protein, they are easy for your body to digest and absorb, making sure your muscles are ready for another round the next day!Enjoy the rain indoors

  6. Bring the gym home 

    In case you’re looking for something more challenging or just different, or perhaps more similar to your gym workouts, there are some affordable pieces of equipment you could purchase for your home. Some of our recommendations include:

    • Ankle weights: If you’re enjoying whatever workout routine you’re doing that involves a lot of movement, including ankle weights is an easy way to add resistance to make it more challenging. If you’re a walker looking for an added challenge, this one’s definitely for you. 
    • Pull up bar: An easy-to-install and affordable contraption, this is a no-brainer if you have a doorframe. Even if you can’t do a pull up today, get a pull up bar and see how long it takes you to do a pull up! It’s more challenging than it seems and you’re definitely going to need all the muscle building protein you can use.
    • Adjustable dumbbells: There’s just something satisfying about lifting weights, this is what anyone who lifts will tell you. Don’t stop the pump for the monsoon, continue it at home with some adjustable dumbbells that eradicate the need for a whole weight rack to do exercises that target all your muscles. 

 Bring the gym home

Your body’s defense system is heavily dependent on your health and lifestyle. Implementing small steps is the way to making any change in your life, and you should take all the shortcuts science has created for you to thrive. Our Grass fed Whey Protein and Plant Based Protein are healthy options to boost your protein consumption on the journey to a better you. And when it comes to natural immunity boosters, Terra Origin Green superfoods provide you with a safer path this monsoon to maintain a strong immune system by utilizing all-natural ingredients and the highest manufacturing standards. Your diet dictates your physical and mental health, pay attention to it. 


What tip are you gonna start with? Getting some Terra Origin Plant based Protein Powder or 


Terra Origin Green Superfoods would be our recommendation, but maybe you could start with drinking more water or having a solo dance party. Happy immunizing!