Yoga - The Heritage of Natural Immunity Boosters

Yoga - The Heritage of Natural Immunity Boosters

Yoga is an ideal combination of meditation and physical poses which helps build and sustain immunity. All types of yoga act as natural immunity boosters. Why is that? Because stress levels are reduced, the body is at ease and prevents deterioration caused by diseases. 


With the ongoing tradition of ‘hustle’ culture, diseases and chronic pain are aggravated to the point where the body can no longer function normally. With the practice of Yoga, ailments are more receptive to aid and recovery, which in turn contributes to overall well-being. A variety of problems like stress, anxiety, and muscle & body stiffness can be tackled and controlled through this routine. Respiratory illnesses such as asthma, nasal allergy, etc. are soothed through deep-breathing exercises as oxygen in the blood is smoothly transported to the lungs. It improves organ function by allowing the body to rest enough while sleeping, enabling it to function more effectively during the day, excreting any waste or toxins that might otherwise harm the body thus acting as the epitome of natural immunity boosters. The benefits of yoga are amplified when the body is able to effectively perform the poses. Nutrition supplements are one way to enhance the body’s overall performance.

Here are some Yoga poses you can try to build your immunity.


Yoga poses you can try to build your immunity


Pranayama - This is an exercise that focuses on disciplined breathing patterns - the most common one being alternate nostril breathing. When you breathe in through one nostril and exhale through the other, it fosters a better flow of oxygen through the body. Your organs receive adequate amounts of oxygen that is required for them to function and perform efficiently. This means the body has the assistance of healthy and well-functioning organs, guarding against antigens and boosting immunity. 


Shavasana - Our nervous system works tirelessly to make sure the parts of the body are communicating effectively. However, upon exhaustion, it can result in unhealthy effects on the body. To ensure its viable performance, one can practice Shavasana. The pose essentially entails lying down with arms flat on either side at a 45-degree angle, breathing in slowly. This emphasizes calming the mind, relaxing the nervous system, and reducing fatigue. The body and mind are at peace. And at peace, the immunity improves.


Anjaneyasana - Known as Crescent Moon Pose, this pose strengthens the hamstrings and knees, as well as improves one's focus. It is a low-lunge pose that is executed by aligning the knee (right or left) over the heel, lunging the other leg flat on the floor, and pushing the back upwards. The body needs to be able to deliver the strength this pose demands. Nutrition supplements like vitamins, minerals, and botanicals can help build the body’s endurance for the same.

Tadasana - The infamous mountain pose focuses on building core strength. The body is aligned, and the head, knees, pelvis, and hips are stacked in a vertical position. The feet are parallel to each other and the palms are faced outwards, in line with the hips. What this pose fundamentally does is it improves balance, and correct posture, regulates breathing patterns, and reduces stress.


Krupa Chaturanga Dandasana 

Krupa Chaturanga Dandasana - A plank pose that improves spine strength. The spine is what holds the body up and it is important to pay attention to it. While in a plank, use your arms to hold balance and make sure your shoulders are at the same level as your elbows. When the body is aligned this way, it improves overall posture. A fit body and calm mind translate to healthier immunity.

All these asanas play an important role in ensuring the body develops in a holistic way. The mind and spirit are in touch with each other. The body holds its anchor internally and externally.

Here’s how physical exercise and nutrition supplements in concert result in better immunity.

All bodies are built differently. However, it is imperative to consume the right nutrition so the physical structure can sustain the lifestyles we follow. A well-functioning body will fight diseases more effectively. Exercise does more than keep our body in shape—it reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks, maintains blood pressure, lowers the risk of cancer, and much more. It needs to be strong enough internally for the effects to reflect externally. One way to support strength is to take nutrition supplements.

One of the most common supplements is protein powder. In order to gain maximum benefit from exercise, protein powder helps repair tissues and make enzymes.
There’s also Vegan protein powder which is basically plant-based and helps with muscle recovery. Even vitamins are necessary to take. Their benefits support the betterment of the immune system. The body should be able to withstand the intensity of workouts which can be amplified with the help of nutrition supplements


Greens Superfoods - maximizing the body's potential with yoga 

Introducing Greens Superfoods - maximizing the body's potential with yoga

It’s a simple routine - nutrition supplements and yoga work in unison to improve the health of the body, which reflects in immunity and in the body’s ability to inhibit diseases. Terra Origin's Greens Superfoods is a one-of-a-kind supplement, containing 35+ natural greens and the best Ashwagandha powder, which naturally boosts immunity and contains antioxidants that reduce inflammation while improving digestion. 


The combined effort of the above mentioned yields better immunity.