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Explore our collection of nutrition supplements to support your pursuit of better muscle recovery, improved immunity, higher energy, and more! From natural, vegan protein powders to wholesome superfoods, we offer some of the best organic products that help you meet your health and fitness goals.


You can purchase our organic supplements as solitary tubs of health or try our combo packs that are paired keeping in mind the combined benefits of proteins and superfoods. Also, don't miss our single serve sachet boxes which are designed 'TO GO' anywhere with you! It's nutrition that is easy to carry and consume, whenever, wherever with no compromise on quality whatsoever! Stay healthy on the go!


Protein powders

Our 100% grass-fed whey protein powder and plant-based protein powder are formulated from clean and pure organic ingredients. You will find some of the best protein powders at Terra Origin - enriched with minerals, vitamins, a complete amino acid profile, and vital fatty acids.


Experience faster muscle recovery, quick absorption and build lean muscles the clean and natural way with our whey and plant protein.


Micronutrient-rich Superfoods

Nothing is quite as powerful as plant-based superfoods sourced directly from nature. Terra Origin’s Greens and Tropical Superfoods are the best, scientifically driven formulations that help improve immunity and quell your body’s silent hunger daily.


Each nutritious scoop delivers more than 20 to 35 energy-boosting herbs, fruits, vegetables, digestive enzymes, probiotics, phytonutrients, and more. We offer you the perfect supplement for energy, stamina and immunity that come from a vast range of greens and fruits.


How our products help you

We believe nature has all the answers for a healthy body, mind and spirit. That is why we developed scientifically backed, natural formulations that do more than develop your muscles or fulfil your nutritional requirements. Our products are:


  • Energizers

Enriched with the goodness of rice, peas, pumpkin, flax and chia, our natural vegan protein powder is a great source of energy and can help you stay on your feet all day long. On the other hand, our 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein gives you the perfect amino acid profile for a lean body mass and repairs muscle tissue.


Developed in FDA-registered facilities in the USA, Terra Origin's whey and plant proteins are healthier alternatives that will not lead to drastic highs and lows or present any side effects over time. So, if you often feel tired or cannot focus on daily tasks, our energising organic nutrition supplements are for you.


  • Immunity Boosters

Prioritising your immune system is the key to good health. And while diet changes and regular exercise help improve immunity, a natural nutrition supplement like Terra Origin's Greens and Tropical Superfoods go a long way to help boost immunity. Formulated with zero preservatives, these Superfoods are probiotic blends that support a healthy immune system.


  • Manage Weight Naturally

Want to know the best way to lose unhealthy weight? It's quite simple. Exercise more and add Terra Origin's protein powders and Superfoods to your daily diet! They contain the essential amino acids, vitamins and micronutrients that can help you effectively manage weight with the right planning and diligence.


These nutrition supplements curb your appetite and food cravings, keeping you full for longer hours. They also boost your body’s metabolism and burn fat faster to help you keep your weight in check.


  1. How to Use Protein Powder?
    Best protein powders can be consumed by mixing it with water or any liquid of your choice.
  2. Which is the best protein powder?
    Terra Origin offers the best protein powder range. Grass fed Whey Protein, Vegan Plant Protein and Superfoods in multiple flavors to choose from. All for a good price of protein powders.
  3. Are Protein Powders safe to consume?
    Yes, under professional guidance and consultation, quality protein powder is safe to consume.
  4. How much protein should I consume every day?
    1 serving of quality protein powder is enough to suffice the nutritional requirements of the body.
  5. What kind of protein powder can lactose intolerant people take?
    One can consider consuming Vegan plant based protein powder if lactose intolerant. Terra Origin’s vegan plant protein powder is best quality protein powder blended with 5 organic plant sources. With a good price of powder, it is worth your health goals.