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Renowned as one of the most biologically available proteins, whey protein is a must-have in any workout regime. It is an essential macronutrient that forms the major component in our bones, muscles, brain, blood, enzymes, and hormones. 

But what's better than a simple, regular whey protein? That would be Terra Origin's whey protein sourced from dairy cows on a 100% grass-fed diet. This means you get the purest form of protein with no added hormones or antibiotics.

Terra Origin - sourcing the best whey protein powder

At Terra Origin, we source whey protein from cows that are cared for in sanitary and humane conditions to ensure the best nutritional content. They are fed a healthy grass diet instead of grains that unnaturally fatten them up quickly. 

Cow milk has approximately 20% whey (liquid portion) and 80% casein protein (curdled part). We ensure the whey content obtained undergoes several hygienic processes like ultra-microfiltration and spray drying to procure whey protein powder in its consumable form.

What makes Terra Origin's whey protein the best?

Apart from the uncontaminated formulation, the whey protein produced at our FDA registered US facilities is formulated to supplement essential fatty acids profile for your overall health. Our 100% grass-fed whey protein is perhaps the best omega 3 supplement available today and does wonders as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

The whey protein powder also contains an excellent amino acid composition and has omega 6 fatty acids, which reduce body fat. Here are a few ways in which Terra Origin's best whey protein helps you:

  • Naturally enhance muscle building: Leucine, present in abundance in the whey protein, promotes muscle growth.
  • Supports weight loss: Prevent untimely food cravings with whey protein powder, as it keeps you full for long hours and regulates your appetite hormones.
  • Enhance immunity: Our grass-fed whey protein helps you fight diseases, infections and supports your body's immune functions by enhancing antibody production.
  • Muscle recovery: Concoct a whey protein shake post-workout to overcome muscle fatigue. Rich in amino acids like BCAAs and glutamine, this protein powder helps you repair damaged muscles and recover quickly.
  • Strengthen bones: Strong bones make a strong body. The micronutrients present in Terra Origin's whey protein powder support this by activating osteoblasts to stimulate the growth of bone cells.

So, including Terra Origin's whey protein powder in your diet is perhaps the best way to give your body the natural, nutrient-rich, and high-quality protein source your body needs. The best part? You can purchase it individually or get it as a part of an Active Day - protein pack, along with our plant-based organic protein!


  1. Is Grass-fed Whey better?
    Grass-fed whey protein is better & healthier as it contains more Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA and a purer nutritious profile. Allowing to reap maximum benefits while working out. Ours is a 100% Organic Whey Protein that enables unleashing optimum support for a healthy, fit body.
  2. Does Grass-fed Whey build muscle?
    One of the best protein powders for muscle building is one that naturally enhances muscle building. 100% Grass fed Whey Protein will contain Leucine, present in abundance that promotes muscle growth.
  3. Which Whey gives the best results?
    Terra Origin’s 100% Grass fed Whey Protein is one of the best protein powders that can be consumed in this day & age as it exudes all natural ingredients and a complete amino acid profile.
  4. How do you know if Whey protein is good quality?
    The quality of whey protein determines how well it will support your fitness results. Hence, a protein powder with a balanced nutrition, whey isolate & concentrate and natural ingredient profile in its blend will be your ideal choice.
  5. Should I take grass fed whey protein everyday?
    Depending on the workout regime, it is okay to consume a good quality protein powder like Terra Origin everyday. One can always consult their reliable nutritionist as well to understand the benefits to each individual body depending on the consumption of the best whey protein advised.