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Go vegan with our organic plant-based protein


Taking care of your health is not just a habit, it's a way of living, a lifestyle. Any conversation about health is incomplete without talking about protein. For overall well-being, the right nutrients are crucial. That's where Terra Origin plant protein steps in. Made with 100% natural ingredients and the most sophisticated technology in the USA, our organic plant-based protein is perfect for all health enthusiasts who wish to have sound mental, physical, and spiritual health.


The best vegan protein powder


We are a brand that believes in the salubrious powers of nature. Our vegan protein powder is extracted from sprouted brown rice, peas, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and chia seeds. When it comes to the quality of our plant-based protein powder, we never compromise. All our products are manufactured in FDA-registered GMP certified plants in the USA

The plant-based protein is manufactured, sealed in, and imported from the US. The products go through a standard 3 step quality check to ensure every tub of protein we put out is nothing short of the best . Whether your goal is muscle recovery or weight loss, Terra Origin is perfect for you.


Why is Terra Origin's Plant Protein the best plant-based protein supplement in India?


What makes Terra Origin’s supplements stand out from other supplement brands is how we approach health. We work on the maxim of "Nurtured by Nature". We combine the Indian science of Ayurveda and America's finest technology to develop our plant-based protein powder.

In each serving, you get 18 grams of protein and micronutrients, i.e., 130 calories, that gives you energy, helps in muscle building, and promotes the development of the body and mind.


Why should you choose Terra Origin's Plant Protein?


  • Builds immunity: plant-based protein powder helps in formulating antibodies. These antibodies lead to the development of immunity against diseases.
  • Better metabolism: due to high fibre, plant protein takes time to digest. The more your body works on digesting plant protein, the better it gets at metabolising food and fats.
  • Muscle building: plant-based protein powder is nutrient-dense and full of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. All these help you in toning and building muscles.


Allergen-free: it is a great option for those who are allergic to whey and gluten. Our vegan plant protein is allergen-free, non-GMO, and contains zero preservatives.

Overall, plant protein is a great option for both vegan and nonvegan people. Terra Origin's plant-based protein can be a great addition to every health enthusiast's diet. We have a wide range of protein powders, including whey protein and superfoods. You can buy these products separately or as a part of a diet plan.


  1. Is plant protein good for you?
    A plant-based protein powder is an excellent choice for vegans or people who are lactose intolerant. Terra Origin’s protein powder is extracted from 5 organic plant sources like sprouted brown rice, peas, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and chia seeds.
  2. Can you gain weight with plant-based protein powder?
    Plant-based protein powder will help with muscle building as it is nutrient dense & full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. All these help you in toning and building muscles. You can find the purest of natural ingredients that have vegan high protein with Terra Origin.
  3. Which is better: plant protein vs whey protein?
    Both protein powders have their pros & cons. A plant based protein will be more likely comfortable to consume for the masses while a whey protein can be a no-no to lactose intolerant people. However, plant based protein will still help enable optimum health goals and receive complete nutrition.
  4. Why should I use plant based protein powder?
    A good vegan plant protein like Terra Origin’s contains a perfect balance of naturally sourced 5 plant ingredients with micronutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, fiber & minerals that are absolutely essential for a body.
  5. Is it OK to take protein powder everyday?
    Yes, it is okay to consume a good quality protein powder everyday. Depending on the workout regime & after a knowledgeable consultation with a reliable nutritionist will help understand the benefits to each individual body depending on the consumption of the best plant protein advised.