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We love our protein shakes as much as the next fitness enthusiast. But if you’re like us, and you don’t want to be bothered with those giant tubs of protein powders, Terra Origin’s To GO Packs are ideal for you. They are mini versions of our protein packs that will fit perfectly in your gym bag. Each box contains 8 single-serve sachets filled with all the goodness of our proteins, in smaller, convenient sizes. Whether you’re traveling out of town, headed to the gym, or working from your office, you can now take your nutrition with you everywhere by carrying your protein TO GO.  


Organic Protein

Our protein powders are completely organic, non-GMO, and have no preservatives. We strongly believe in the importance of feeding your body effective nutrition that is derived from nature. We do not endorse any synthetic ingredients. 

Choose from our range of organic protein supplements - 100% grass-fed whey and vegan protein - available in three delicious flavors. 


Grass-fed Whey Protein

Our 100% grass-fed whey protein TO GO boxes are the perfect accompaniment to your gym training sessions. They: 

  • Contain 96 grams of protein per box.
  • Help in muscle definition and recovery.
  • Are available in travel-friendly sizes.


Organic Plant Protein

Our 100% vegan plant protein boxes are the perfect option for vegans and lactose-intolerant people. 

  • They contain 72 grams of protein per box.
  • They help in weight management.
  • Are convenient for daily consumption.


Same Nutrition, Smaller Sizes!

Our single-serve boxes were created specifically for the dedicated fitness folks who want to carry their nutrition everywhere they go.

  • They are conveniently sized and packaged so that you can carry them in your bag while you travel. You never have to miss out on your daily dose of nutrition again.
  • Perfect for post-gym sessions. You can easily add them to your protein shakers with some water and replenish your body with the required nutrients for muscle gain and faster recovery.
  • You can carry them in your pockets and add them to smoothies or juices during your office lunch breaks.


How do I use them in my meals?

You can use our TO GO boxes of single-serve protein powders just like any regular protein powder. Some ideas for using them in your meals are:

  • Add it to your morning coffee.
  • Blend it in with regular or ice-cold water.
  • Make quick and easy bite-sized protein balls.
  • Add it to yogurt and top it up with some seasonal fruits.
  • Blend it in with your daily smoothies, juices, or smoothie bowls.
  • Combine it with our greens or tropical superfoods to create the perfect health drink. 

You won’t have to worry about measuring the right scoop to add to your drink with our sachets. Meet your daily nutrition goals easily with our delicious single-serve protein powder!


  1. Is 1 serving of protein powder enough?
    Yes, 1 serving of Terra Origin’s organic protein powders are enough to satisfy the body's essential nutrition requirements. Whether it is whey protein powder, vegan protein powder or superfoods, 1 sachet of Terra Origin’s single serve is good to go.
  2. Can I drink 1 protein shake everyday?
    Yes, it is okay to consume the best whey protein, best vegan protein powder or superfoods everyday. Depending on the workout regime & after a knowledgeable consultation with a reliable nutritionist will help understand the benefits to each individual body depending on the consumption of the best plant protein advised.
  3. Is it OK to drink protein shake without working out?
    Vegan Plant Protein and Superfoods from Terra Origin are a good option to consume if you aren’t an avid workout person. Be it protein powder for weight loss, taking care of your gut health or just allowing the body to take in every essential nutrition, protein powders can be consumed.
  4. Does protein powder have to be in a dark container?
    It is always good to store the protein powder in their own container. If not, a dark container helps to protect it from light, which in turn helps the powder keep its efficacy and quality in check.
  5. How do I get protein while on vacation?
    The single serve sachets from Terra Origin are your best companion while traveling. It comes in handy sachets in multiple options like - vegan plant protein, best whey protein or superfoods, we’ve got you covered.