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Superfoods have captured global attention in the last few years, even though they’ve been around for centuries. These foods are spread across various categories and are so named because they are ‘super’ nutritionally dense. Superfoods are packed with ingredients beneficial to your health like fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

At Terra Origin, we strongly believe that making superfoods a part of your daily lifestyle can give a massive boost to your overall health. Hence, we identified the myriad benefits of superfoods and have carefully crafted them into our formulations to improve your health. We use carefully chosen ingredients that work together and complement each other to form a superior nutrition profile.


Explore Our Tropical and Greens Superfoods

In addition to protein powders, our Greens and Tropical superfoods contribute to your health goals by acting as natural immunity boosters, controlling weight by activating metabolism, and offer a clean energy source.


Greens Superfoods

Our Greens Superfoods have been scientifically formulated with over 35 greens, including vegetables, probiotics, digestive enzymes, herbs, antioxidants, and the best organic ashwagandha powder. It is an organic probiotic blend that improves gut health and digestion with the power of greens. Paired  with our protein powders, Terra Origin Green Superfoods, void of any preservatives or GMOs, improves your gut and ensures your body is absorbing the required nutrition for better health.


Tropical Superfoods

Terra Origin offers electrolyte-rich Tropical Superfoods that provide the perfect formula for energy, health, and a strong immune system. Enriched with 20+ natural ingredients like fruits, phytonutrients, and herbs, each scoop gives you the ideal quantities of micronutrients with a delicious tropical twist. The American Heart Association recommends consumption of 20-30 servings of fruits daily. However, this is easier said than done. Fortunately, our Tropical blend delivers nutrition equivalent to 20-30 fruits in each serving and also makes for a refreshing summer drink.

Our Best Natural Immunity Boosters

  • Keep free radicals in check
  • Combat inflammation in the body
  • Rejuvenate skin
  • Detoxify the body

Superfoods: The Perfect Blend for Gut Health

While our Superfoods are good for your immunity and provide you with the micronutrients you need daily, they also have a significant impact on your gut health and digestion. Ingredients like spinach and kale in our Greens Superfoods are a rich source of fiber, which helps avert digestive problems. The citrus fruit extracts present in our Tropical Superfood, along with root tree gum acacia, also help nourish, grow, and sustain good gut bacteria. Enriched with various pre and probiotics, our Greens and Tropical Superfoods ensure your digestive system is in optimal condition for maximum absorption of macronutrients like proteins.


How Do I Use Superfoods in My Meals?

One of the best advantages of utilizing superfood powders is that they can be easily included in your daily diet. By adding them to your favorite baked goods, yogurt, or drinks, you can conveniently get the benefits of Superfoods every day. Using them as salad dressing and in everyday cooking can increase your meal’s nutrition content. We also recommend pairing Superfoods with protein powders for better nutrition absorption and holistic nutrition intake.


  1. Are superfoods good for gut health?
    A good gut is the starting point of great health. Hence, consuming Terra Origin Greens Superfoods is a must. It consists of 35+ natural greens like spinach, broccoli and more with added benefits of multiple nutrients that the body needs.
  2. Is it better to take super greens in the morning or at night?
    Terra Origin’s Organic Greens Superfoods can be consumed anytime of the day. It is the best part because greens are always a good idea. In support of protein powder for weight loss or gain, superfoods help provide the essential green micronutrition to the body for keeping fit.
  3. How long does it take for greens superfoods to work?
    Terra Origin Greens Superfoods is an all organic, natural blend that will work to its optimum form first consumption onwards. A blend of 35+ veggies and filled with micronutrients, it works wonders to keep your health goals supported.
  4. What is super greens powder good for?
    Best Greens Supplements are the perfect blend for great gut health. It helps support building immunity that is strong enough to let every nutrient get absorbed rightly in the body.
  5. Can you take green Superfood twice a day?
    Even with just once a day, the best greens superfoods you get enough intake of veggies and micronutrients to keep up with the day and health regime.