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Green ImmunEnergy

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Plant Protein Flavor
  • Boost immunity with the power of greens
  • Source of clean body-wide energy
  • 35+ micronutrients
  • Non-GMO and free from preservatives

Our Green ImmunEnergy – Hybrid Pack is a combination of two of our popular products, our Organic Plant Protein supplement and our Greens Superfoods, which is a nutritious natural immunity booster. Greens Superfoods is a probiotic blend of 35+ natural greens that has been carefully created to improve the health of your digestive system. Our vegan plant protein supplement is made using a pea protein isolate along with organic sprouted brown rice and pumpkin, chia, and flax seeds. Both the products are free from preservatives and do not have any artificial fillers. We use only natural ingredients which are responsibly sourced

The Perfect Vegan Combo for Immunity and Energy

The Green ImmunEnnergy combo was created since the Greens Superfoods pairs perfectly with our 100% vegan plant protein. Our supplement sustains the body with adequate protein, essential vitamins, and minerals derived from plant-based ingredients. Protein is a sturdy & essential macronutrient, and the body needs relatively more time and effort to break it down. Our Greens Superfoods can help speed up this process with its micronutrients and fiber content.

The number of lactose-intolerant people has been on the rise lately, which has led to an increase in the type and number of alternative milk and milk products in the market. When it comes to nutrition, most major sources of protein are animal-based. These products are inaccessible to vegetarians and vegans. Therefore, our vegan plant protein supplement seeks to provide a solution for everyone by offering a cleaner source of protein that is easy to digest. The addition of micronutrients makes it the perfect source of clean energy.

Our plant protein supplement is made using a combination of five different plant-based ingredients. It contains all nine essential amino acids, which help you hit your daily protein targets. Since this product is completely vegan, it contains essential vitamins and minerals that you wouldn’t typically find in a protein supplement. Our plant protein is available in three flavors – Vanilla, Chocolate, and Vanilla Chai. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Our Greens Superfoods is a scientific blend of more than 35 natural, energy-boosting ingredients, including phytonutrients, probiotics, digestive enzymes, herbs, and antioxidants. It helps detox your body while also increasing your daily energy levels.

Why choose our Green ImmunEnergy Combo?

  • Natural Immunity Booster: Our plant protein and our Greens Superfoods, are made using natural organic ingredients that have immunity-boosting properties. We believe in the science of Ayurveda and apply its principles while formulating our products.
  • Improves Gut Health: Greens Superfoods incorporates more than 35 organic greens and probiotics that naturally detox your body, and improve your gut health.
  • Aids Weight Loss: Both the products in this combo can help you lose weight naturally by keeping you satiated and improving your metabolism.
  • Enriches Your Body with Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants: Our special formulations use ingredients that are rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants that lower cholesterol, balance glucose levels, and support cell growth.
  • Boost Muscle Recovery: Our plant protein supplement increases muscle growth and improves muscle recovery time since it is rich in BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). This, combined with our Greens Superfoods, helps in strengthening your muscles.


Terra Origin’s vegan plant protein is made using protein from 5 different organic plant sources. These include pea protein isolate, organic sprouted brown rice protein, organic pumpkin seed powder, chia seed powder, and flax seed powder.

Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods is a probiotic blend of more than 35 organic greens like apple fruit powder, organic spirulina powder, chlorella powder, green tea leaf extract, grape seed extract, barley powder, wheat germ, barley malt powder, organic ashwagandha root, natural fruit and vegetable blend, probiotic blend, and enzyme blend. It provides the benefits of foods like broccoli, parsley, kale, spinach, kelp, alfalfa, collards leaf, beets, cauliflower, carrots, grape skin, pomegranate, turmeric acerola cherry, mangosteen, noni, and much more. It is a holistic nutrition supplement that acts as a natural immunity booster.

Who should use this Combo?

  • Someone who strives for clean energy: Our plant protein supplement, combined with our superfoods, provides a healthy boost to your mind, body, and spirit. Our products are created without any added preservatives, keeping in mind the overall impact they have on our health.
  • Someone who lacks greens in their daily diet: Our vegan protein powder and Greens Superfoods are 100% natural and organic. We ensure that we source our ingredients sustainably since we believe in the power and resourcefulness of nature.
  • Someone who requires an immunity boost but is vegan or lactose-intolerant: Selecting the right supplement can seem daunting if you are vegan or lactose-intolerant. Market availability is dominated by whey protein. This is why we came up with the GI combo to fulfill your daily protein needs from natural plant sources.

Suggested Usage

One scoop each of our plant protein and Greens Superfoods a day keeps you feeling healthy and nourished. We recommend a single scoop of Greens Superfoods in the morning. This helps you start your day feeling energized and reduces cravings throughout the day.

After a long, productive day, a scoop of our vegan plant protein replenishes your body’s lost nutrients. It also helps your muscles recover faster after a strenuous workout. You can also use our protein powder as a pre-workout drink to get that extra boost of energy before you begin.


Multiple vitamins like B12, D3 and more are required for a good energy and immune system. For best vitamin supplement Terra Origin’s Green Immunenergy combo consists of Greens superfoods that is blended with 35+ veggies to help with complete nutrition and Plant Protein which is 100% vegan and derived from 5 plant sources like pea, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and more.
Terra Origin’s Green Immunenergy combo is the best vitamin supplement that also supports immunity boost. With finest natural ingredients, the Green superfoods blend and the Plant protein supplement is ideal for anybody.
With consistent exercise routine supported with natural ingredient formulated supplements like Plant Protein and Greens Superfoods from Terra Origin.
Vitamins A,C,D and more are found in our Immunenergy combo. Greens Superfoods and Plant Protein supplement are blended to provide complete nutrition, vitamins and minerals to the body.

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