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Greens Superfoods: An Immune Formulae – Body’s silent hunger

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  • Energizing formula - promotes energy & staminaEnergizing formula - promotes energy & stamina
  • Probiotic BlendProbiotic Blend
  • A blend of 35+ greens
  • Boosts digestion and gut health
  • A source of stamina and energy
  • Rich in micronutrients

Explore the vast benefits of ‘super’ greens with Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods. Scientifically formulated using the purest greens, each scoop of Greens Superfoods offers the micronutrients your body needs for better immunity and digestion.

Being nutritionally dense with over 35 natural ingredients like vegetables, herbs, antioxidants, fiber, and more makes this Superfood blend a natural immunity booster. Better digestion, youthful skin, an active metabolism, or reduced inflammation are only some of the aspects Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods can help you with.

This probiotic blend is also free of any preservatives or GMOs, making it ideal for those who seek clean and pure energy, stamina, and immunity that comes from greens.



Serving Size 9 Grams (Approx. 1 Scoop)Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value ††
Calories 35 1.27%
Total Fat 1.5g 2%††
Total Carbohydrate 5g 2%††
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%††
Total Sugars 1g
Protein 2g  
Vitamin C (from Acerola Berry Extract) 40mg 100%
Iron 1.24mg 7%
Sodium 25mg 1%
Potassium 90mg 2%
Apple Fruit Powder 1.25g
Spirulina Powder 250mg
Barley Grass Powder 400mg
Alfalfa Herb Powder 500mg
Wheat Germ 300mg
Barley Malt Powder 400mg
Chlorella Powder 1g
Beet Root Powder 250mg
Rice Bran Powder 200mg
Natural Fruit and Vegetable Blend 200mg
Green Tea Leaf Extract, Quercetin Dihydrate, Blueberry Fruit Powder, Cranberry Fruit Powder, Pomegranate Fruit Powder, Raspberry Fruit Powder, Strawberry Fruit Powder, Broccoli Stern & Florets Powder, Carrot Root Powder, Collards Leaf Powder, Resveratrol, Spinach Leaf Powder, Tomato Fruit Powder, Blueberry Fruit Extract.    
Ashwagandha Root Extract 200mg
Probiotic Blend 150mg
Maltodextrin, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum, Streptococcus thermophilus.    
Stevia Leaf Extract 150mg
Spinach Leaf Powder 1225mg
Enzyme Blend 125mg
Maltodextrin, Bromelain, Papain, Cellulase Lipase, Protease.    
Acerola Berry Powder 100mg
Licorice Root Extract 70mg
Echinacea angustifolia Herb Powder 100mg
Milk Thistle Seed Extract 50mg
Ginkgo Leaf Extract 30mg
Grape Seed Extract 10mg
Green Tea Leaf Extract 10mg

†† %RDA values are calculated as per ICMR & CODEX
† %RDA values are not established

Other Ingredients: Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid)

At Terra Origin, we believe nothing trumps the nutrition that is directly sourced from nature. By deriving the best from Mother Nature, we put together a product that caters to your body's holistic development.

Available in a refreshing mint flavor, our product contains no artificial sweeteners. It also contains no gluten or dairy, allowing you to experience the best of organic greens in every scoop. The micronutrients in our Greens Superfoods help maintain the body’s balance to boost your immune functions and aid digestion.

  • Detoxify the body
  • Promote cell growth
  • Keep free radicals in check
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • Retain moisture and elasticity of a youthful skin

This specific formulation not only functions as a natural immunity booster but also supports your overall health and curb your body’s silent hunger.

Similar to our protein powders like 100% Grass-fed Whey and Vegan protein, Greens Superfoods is manufactured in the USA at FDA-registered facilities. Our GMP-certified manufacturing and in-house quality check also ensure you receive this natural, energy-boosting supplement in its purest form.

Supplementing micronutrients that your body silently aches for daily

According to the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Hidden Hunger (HH) is described as a deficiency of micronutrients. It is a form of malnutrition that occurs when the intake or absorption of vitamins and minerals is too low to sustain good health and development in children and normal physical and mental functions in adults.

Our body hungers for micronutrients on a daily basis. The busy and fast paced life we lead can become a problem as it is physically impossible for our daily food to supplement the levels of micronutrients we require. This leads to our body silently aching for many deficient or insufficient micronutrients which is expressed in the form of frequent headaches, lack of energy, inability to focus, lethargy, and more.

Our Greens Superfoods was formulated keeping this in mind, to support your body’s daily need for micronutrients. Consuming just one scoop of greens every morning can help you address your body’s silent hunger and support your active lifestyle with ease.

Enjoy a myriad of benefits with our Greens Superfoods

Superfoods hold the limelight in the health industry today, creating a buzz on the internet and topping the list of recommendations for a healthier and fitter life. So, what makes Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods so much better than other Superfood powders?

  • Enhances gut health and digestion: Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods is enriched with probiotics that boost digestion and improve gut health effectively. The rich fiber content in our formulation also helps prevent digestive problems.
  • Natural immunity booster: The natural blend of vegetables, fruits, and probiotics used in our formulation helps to reinforce and boost your immune system. With a high content of micronutrients, it also protects your body from common illnesses and has a positive effect on blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Natural energizer: Our formulation is a source of clean energy that enhances alertness, focus, and concentration. Additionally, it cuts down your calories, balances glucose levels, and lowers cholesterol.
  • Healthy weight loss: By boosting your metabolism and curbing your appetite through a supply of essential micronutrients, our Superfood formulation helps you curb unnecessary cravings and effectively shed unhealthy weight.
  • A bounty of antioxidants: Our formulation is enriched with antioxidants that shield your body from harmful free radicals and pathogens. Organic components like spirulina, barley, and green tea leaf extract flush out toxins from your body and also help prevent cancer.
  • Rejuvenates skin: Nothing expresses ‘you are what you eat’ as evidently as your skin. Our formulation can help retain the moisture and elasticity of your skin and brighten it, thanks to the goodness of 35+ organic greens. The alkalizing property of Greens Superfoods also reduces inflammation and redness and gives your skin an even tone.

All our ingredients are hand-picked to ensure the most superior nutrition profile

  2. Did you know there are over 3000 varieties of apples? But what’s even more interesting is that they are a rich source of fiber and antioxidants and help lower the risk of many chronic conditions like cancer, heart disease, and cancer. They are full of vitamins and naturally occurring sugars and improve neurological health, lower LDL, and aid in weight loss.

  4. Often used as a nutrition supplement, spirulina is loaded with a variety of nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins B1, B2, and B3, copper, iron, omega-6, and omega-3 fatty acids. They help lower bad LDL and triglyceride levels, reduce inflammation, and enhance muscle strength and endurance.

  6. Barley powder packs a host of health benefits. It is loaded with vitamin C, amino acids, antioxidants, and enzymes and helps your body fight bacterial and viral infection, reduce toxins, and repair DNA. Its high fiber content also supports better digestion and promotes a feeling of fullness.

  8. Renowned for its superior content of vitamins, minerals, and protein, alfalfa is a herb that originates from South and Central Asia. Its high content of saponins contributes to its effect in lowering cholesterol. It also regulates blood sugar, reduces inflammation and prevents oxidative stress.

  10. Packed with various minerals like Zinc, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium, wheat germ helps fight free radicals, boost immune health, encourages weight loss, helps reduce blood sugar, and cholesterol. It is also a rich source of dietary fiber and plays an important role in bone and tissue health.

  12. Serving as a source of antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, barley malt helps support digestive health and keep the colon active. Its content of fiber, potassium, folate, and vitamin B6, work together to lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of cardiac disease.

  14. A vital part of centuries-old Ayurveda, we use the best ashwagandha root powder that reduces cortisol levels, relieves stress and anxiety, sharpens focus and memory, lowers blood sugar and fat, and improves muscle strength.

  16. This nutrient-dense probiotic binds to heavy metals and aids in detox, promotes good cholesterol and helps manage respiratory diseases. Its high branched-chain amino acid content also enhances aerobic endurance.

  18. This is a natural antioxidant that promotes youthful skin, prompts neurological health, supports weight loss and liver health. Its high content of EGCG also prevents cell damage and helps combat free radicals.

  20. Rich in phenolic acids, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and oligomeric proanthocyanin complexes (OPCs), grape seed extract aids in circulation, reduces the risk of LDL oxidation, protects against cellular damage, increases collagen synthesis and bone development.

    Apart from these amazing ingredients, we have also used broccoli, spinach, parsley, kelp, collards leaf, alfalfa, carrots, beets, cauliflower, pomegranate, Acerola cherry, turmeric, mangosteen, noni, and more in our formulation. Each of these were chosen for their ability to support the body, empower the immune system, raise your energy levels and give you the nutrition needed to live strong, healthy lives.

The right time to take our Greens Superfoods

Now that you know the wide range of benefits that this superfood supplement offers, you may wonder if Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods is for you. And although it is a prominent nutrition supplement for all, we especially recommend it to those who:

  • Want to enhance their immunity: If you are looking for a natural immunity booster, then look no further than Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods.
  • Want to improve their energy: Catering to your everyday energy requirement , our Superfoods increases your energy levels and endurance for exercise, helping you perform better everyday.
  • Wish to relieve stress and anxiety: Adaptogens like the best ashwagandha powder do wonders to help your body adapt to stress and keep you calm when you need it most.
  • Want to lose weight: Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods helps add an extra dose of nutrition to your diet, helps prevent unwanted cravings and boost metabolism.
  • Believe in self-care: Make our Greens Superfoods your first step towards a moist and youthful skin. It helps reduce inflammation and redness to give you healthy skin.

Suggested usage

We recommend a daily intake of one scoop of our Greens Superfood, which contains 9 grams of nutrition which amounts to only 1.27 calories per scoop. We encourage our customers to add our superfoods supplement to a well-balanced diet, not replace one.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate them into your daily diet is to add them to water, milk, juice, or smoothies.

On the other hand, if you do not prefer drinking Greens Superfoods as in, you can:

  • Sprinkle them over an omelet or scrambled eggs
  • Mix them in salad dressings
  • Whip them into a vegetable dip
  • Add them to roasted vegetables

However, you may want to avoid adding them while cooking because when you heat the powder, it may denature some of the nutrients like vitamin C and probiotics.

Feeling a little adventurous? Here is a quick recipe for you to try with Greens Superfood:

Buckwheat Breakfast Bowl

  • 220 g buckwheat
  • 220 g frozen strawberries or raspberries
  • Organic orange juice or zest (half an orange)
  • 2 tbsp Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods
  • 230 ml milk (or dairy substitute of choice)

  • Soak the buckwheat for 30 min. Drain and rinse with cold water.
  • Blend all the ingredients in a high-speed blender.
  • Serve and top your breakfast bowl with your favorite toppings like berries, orange zest, hemp seeds, coconut flakes, etc.

Get your tub of Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods today

If you are still here, we may have kindled an interest in our Greens Superfoods. We encourage you to experience the holistic benefits of our product first-hand. You may not experience overnight results, but over the course of three months, you will, without a doubt, observe an improvement in your immunity, energy, and stress levels.

Our product is available in an attractive tub of 270 grams that covers 30 servings. However, for those who desire nutrition on the go, we also offer individual serving sachets in boxes of 8. So, wait no more and get your greens supplement in an invigorating mint flavor here.


Everybody requires a set of nutrition each day to perform the tasks well. Consuming Terra Origin’s greens superfoods will help suffice each of the nutrient requirements. Blended with 35+ organic vegetables, it is one of the highest performing protein powders.
Terra Origin Greens Superfoods is a blend of 35+ green veggies that can be consumed anytime of the day.
Greens Superfoods don’t need any particular diet to support it’s benefits. Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods share a complete overall benefit from multiple green vegetables to peak nutrient requirement in the body.
Terra Origin’s Greens Superfoods can be mixed with a glass of water and consumed anytime.

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